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About Us and

What We Do


What We Do

Mud and Sweat is run by people who are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to take part in innovative, creative, challenging, high quality and above all fun adventure based events.

Events take place throughout Devon and the South West of England, picking out the best land and water for you to journey on or through, taking you to undiscovered areas of natural beauty and challenge.

From a background of adventure racing and a wide range of other extreme sports, our experience culminates in events that challenge people at their level where there is something for everyone and there is the opportunity to just enjoy or stretch yourself both physically and mentally!

We come from a background of Adventure Racing and outdoor challenge events ourselves, so know what makes a good event from a competitors perspective. With this in mind and 25 years of organising such events, as well as competing in them, we believe we are well positioned to deliver the best experience possible.


The Team

Our team consists of a core who work full time in the office and out in the field, planning and creating the events. We are supported by an additional team who help build the event infrastructure up and help to deliver the actual events on the day itself.


In addition to this, we have a great team of marshals who support us on the event itself, doing everything from putting up marquees to pointing the way and cheering you the competitors on!

It feels like it is one big family team, who get as much of a buzz from being part of putting on a great event as do the competitors from taking part.

If you are enthusiastic and hard working and would like to be part of the team, please contact us - or send us an email  We are always looking to expand our team of volunteers.

Phil Way and Donna Timmis founders of Mud and Sweat.



Each Mud Run requires a large number of people to make it the fun and enjoyable event that it has become.


We have a core team who help prepare for the event but on the weekend of the event itself, we need lots more hands to the pump.


If you are enthusiastic and hard working, why not become part of the Mud and Sweat team and help out on the event.  We will provide you with everything you need to know, along with an event T-Shirt and refreshments.  In addition to this, you will get a free entry into a future Mud and Sweat event.


Jobs on the day are varied - often it's just pointing the way and cheering the runners on! Maybe if you are supporting someone who is running in the event or just wanting to see the event close at hand, your help will be very welcome. The marshals are the main point of contact and a very important part of the experience for many of the runners.

Send us an email to register your interest now.


Our Partners

Mud and Sweat are please to be supported by a number of the industry's' leading brands. From support at events, donation of prizes, access to venues and bikes, we are pleased to work with them to provide an excellent event experience and encourage people to get involved. 

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